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Sharing Hope, Sharing Future

> Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

The Framework Act puts forward the basic spirit, objectives and principles that guide and govern Korea’s provision of ODA. Article 3 of the Framework Act specifies the basic goals underpinning Korea’s ODA as follows: to reduce poverty in developing nations; to improve the human rights of women, children and persons with disabilities; to achieve gender equality; to realize sustainable development and humanitarianism; to promote economic cooperation relationships with Korea's cooperation partners, and to pursue peace and prosperity in the international community. These ideas are taken into consideration in the ODA project decision-making processes, so that they can be properly reflected in Korea’s policies and strategies.
   The Framework Act stipulates the objectives of Korea’s development cooperation activities in its Article 3 (2), as follows: the reductions of poverty and improvements in the quality of life in developing nations; the development of developing nations and improvement of their systems and conditions for development; the promotion of friendly relationships and mutual exchanges with developing nations; contributions to the resolution of global problems related to international development cooperation and contributions to achievement for goals regarding sustainable development(Article 3(2)). Article 4 (1) of the Act then provides the following guiding principles for all ministries and institutions involved in development cooperation: respect for all principles of the Charter of the United Nations; support for the self-help efforts and capacities of developing countries; respect for development needs of developing countries; increased sharing of Korea's development experiences, and promotion of harmonious relationships and cooperation with the international community.
   In its Article 4 (2), the Framework Act also highlights the importance of development effectiveness, by directly stipulating that all ministries and institutions involved in ODA provision shall endeavor to strengthen the connections between bilateral and multilateral development cooperation, as well as between grant aid and loans, and implement policies for international development cooperation in a consistent manner, to thereby maximize the effectiveness of international development cooperation.

Basic ideas, objectives and principles

Basic Spirit, International Development Cooperation pursues the following as its basic spirit, ❖ Poverty reduction in developing countries ❖ Protection of the human rights of women, children, people with disabilities, and youth ❖ Realization of gender equality ❖ Achievement of sustainable development ❖ Realization of humanitarianism ❖ Promotion of economic cooperation with partner countries ❖ Pursuit of peace and prosperity in the international community, Goals, International Development Cooperation aims to ❖ Reduce poverty and improve quality of life in developing countries ❖ Develop developing countries and improve all systems and conditions for such development ❖ Promote cooperative relations and mutual exchanges with developing countries ❖ Contribute to solving relevant global problems ❖ Contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), “The Framework Act on International Development Cooperation…aims to contribute to the co-prosperity of humanity and world peace through international development cooperation.” Principles, ❖ Respect the principles of the UN Charter ❖ Support the self-help efforts and capabilitybuilding of developing countries ❖ Respect the development needs of developing countries ❖ Expand the sharing of development experiences ❖ Promote mutual harmony and cooperation with the international community ❖ Strengthen the linkage between bilateral and multilateral cooperation ❖ Strengthen the linkage between loan assistance and grant aid