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Brand Identity


As the Korean government plans to scale-up its ODA, it is essential to raise public awareness and support for ODA. Furthermore, as diverse ministries and agencies implement ODA activities, it is important to establish unified and solid identity which reflects the vision of Korean ODA. In this context, the Korean government introduced integrated Brand Identity (BI) of Korean ODA in August 2011 at the 10th meeting of the Committee for International Development Cooperation (CIDC). The Korean government hopes that the BI can enhance the public awareness on Korean ODA, nationally and internationally, by providing unified image of ODA implemented by Korean ministries and agencies.

The BI

HLF-4 participants in discussion The BI consists of a symbol mark and a logo. The symbol mark is made up of frame and color: frame stands for the globe embraced by two people’s arms, meaning ODA as a global partnership to make a better world together; five colors of the mark symbolize five continents, portraying Korean ODA’s vision to achieve mutual prosperity with no continent left behind.

The Slogan

HLF-4 participants in discussion

The BI can be accompanied with the slogan of Korea ODA, “Beautiful Sharing, Wonderful Growing.” It was selected through national public contest in 2010. This slogan simply and clearly describes Korean ODA’s vision and characteristic: assisting partner country’s sustainable development by sharing lessons learned from Korea’s development experiences.

Use of the BI

The Korean ministries and agencies can use the BI for implementation of Korean ODA. It can be used by personal use or private purpose only with the consultation and permission of the concerning governmental organizations in charge of ODA. The BI can be applied to many diverse items, including banner, template for presentation, publication, and other souvenir regarding Korean ODA activities. Usage of the BI needs to be aligned with design standards manual approved by the Korean Prime Minister’s Office.

HLF-4 participants in discussion