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Donor institutions

In perspective of ODA effectiveness, donor harmonization is one of the key factors as declared in the Paris Declaration. To meet this end, Korean government emphasizes partnership with other donor institutions for information sharing, mutual learning, and division of labor in the field. Major types of collaboration with other donor institutions are regular bilateral ODA policy dialogue, donor meeting in the field, joint ODA project, and others such as staff exchange, joint research and joint evaluation for mutual learning.

Case of partnership with other donor institutions

  • KOICA-JICA Joint Program for the Rehabilitation of Irrigation System and Rural Community Development in the Kingdom of Cambodia (2009)
  • - KOICA and JICA jointly implemented rural development project in Vattay Village in Cambodia to conduct joint irrigation facility restoration, pilot project for household income generation, field survey. After completion of the project, the result was evaluated through the first Joint meeting between KOICA and JICA in 2010.
  • EDCF ‘6 Banks’ in Enhancing Effectiveness in Vietnam (EDCF)
  • - ADB, AFD, JBIC, KfW, WB and EDCF which take up 80% of Vietnam's total ODA formed a Working Group to enhance cooperation among banks and the coordination of aid.
  • - The ‘6 Banks’ produces the Joint Portfolio Performance Reviews (JPPR) jointly with the Vietnamese government every two year, and leads the ODA Society in Vietnam to function as the representative of the donor countries.
  • - The ‘6 Banks’ provides not only policy advice on aid process and arrangement in Vietnam, but also on mid and long-term goals of ‘Partnership Group of Aid Effectiveness (PGAE)’ and the execution of the Hanoi Core Statement to enhance aid effectiveness.