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International organizations

With the overall expansion of the Korean ODA volume, multilateral ODA is also increasing. As stated in the Strategic Plan, Korea will maintain the bilateral to multilateral ODA ratio at 70:30 and accordingly the volume of its multilateral ODA will be gradually increased in parallel to Korea’s ODA scaling-up plan. In 2010, multilateral ODA, which was channeled through MDBs and the UN and other multilateral organizations, stood at USD 273.2 million, accounting for 23% of the overall ODA. In the meantime, funding through MDBs accounts for approximately 70% of multilateral ODA every year.

Korea’s multilateral aid to MDBs and the UN and other multilateral organizations are supervised by MOSF and MOFA, respectively. MOSF administers contributions and subscriptions to MDBs, and their actual payment is made from foreign reserves of the B