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People can participate in ODA, such as volunteer program, expert dispatch program, ODA internship program, and diverse contest or participatory program related to ODA.

World Friends Korea (WFK) is overseas volunteer program of the Korean government. In 2009, the government unified the separate volunteer programs previously operated by different ministries into a single brand, “WFK,” to enhance effectiveness of the overseas volunteer programs while also offering a coherence and synergy of among them. There are seven different programs under WFK; WFK-Korea Overseas Volunteer (KOV), WFK-Korea University Volunteer (KUV), WFK-Korea IT Volunteer (KIV), WFK-Korea Techno Peace Corps. (TPC), WFK-Advisers(WFA), WFK-Korea Gray Experts, and WFK-Korea Taekwondo Peace Corps. Program (TPCorps). Each program has different focuses and requires different qualification for a volunteer, however, WFK aims to contribu