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Executing agencies

Based on the Korea International Cooperation Agency Act (Article 1), the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) was established in 1991 as a governmental agency responsible for grant aid and technical cooperation for developing countries. It operates in five types of programs; projects, training programs, dispatch of volunteers and Korean experts (World Friends Korea (WFK)), and overseas emergency relief, partnership with CSOs and multilateral assistance. KOICA has one headquarters and 44 resident missions abroad. KOICA is staffed with 247 people, among whom 165 are stationed in the headquarters (composed of 8 departments (including 1WFK HQ), 1 research and education center, 19 teams and 8 offices), while 84 are deployed to 44 resident missions as of 2012. It overhauled its internal offices toward strengthening the function of evaluation, research, and education for enhanced partnership with ODA stakeholders and improved management for development result.

According to the Economic Development Cooperation Fund Act (Article 1), Korea Eximbank is entrusted with the operation and administration of the EDCF founded in 1987 as a special fund for concessional loan to developing countries. EDCF supports sustainable development of partner countries by providing concessional loans to establish socio-economic infrastructure necessary to stimulate economic development. Furthermore, it actively operates Public-Private Partnership (PPP)-type loans and co-financing with MDBs in order to secure financing in response to the recent request from developing partners on large-size infrastructure development projects. EDCF is supported by 99 staff among whom 87 work at the headquarters (2 groups, 4 departments and 13 teams) and 11 are dispatched to 8 resident missions.

Based on their fields of expertise, other ministries, local governments, and public institutions also conduct various modalities of international development cooperation, in the form of project aid, training program, and dispatch of volunteers and experts. Their activities account for about 10-20% of the annual grant aid budget within bilateral ODA.

Organization chart of KOICAOrganization chart of KOICA - pdf view button
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