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1809 [UN]Lifesaving help needed for Venezuela cancer patients hit by US sanctions 국무조정실 2021-07-22 5
1808 [UN]Iraq: Bomb attack on eve of Eid al-Adha, ‘terrorism knows no bounds’  국무조정실 2021-07-21 4
1807 [CARE]10 years after Somalia famine, country is once again on the brink of crisis with women and girls hardest hit 국무조정실 2021-07-21 6
1806 [Save the Children]Indonesia’s COVID disaster a ‘child rights crisis on our doorstep’, warns Save the Children Australia 국무조정실 2021-07-20 44
1805 [UN]Call for ‘dignity, equality, justice and human rights’ rings out on Mandela Day  국무조정실 2021-07-19 16
1804 [UNHCR]Attacks by armed group displace 20,000 civilians in eastern DRC 국무조정실 2021-07-19 14
1803 [WHO]COVID-19 deaths in Africa surge more than 40% over previous week 국무조정실 2021-07-16 17
1802 [UN]‘Deeply negative impact’ of COVID pandemic, reverses SDG progress 국무조정실 2021-07-16 15
1801 [UN]‘Tear down inequalities’ to end COVID pandemic: UNAIDS 국무조정실 2021-07-15 15
1800 [FAO]Window for planting in northern Ethiopia narrows as hunger catastrophe looms 국무조정실 2021-07-15 17